Our Products

From our own farm we work with other farmers to sell our produce. Wales is ideally suited to organic agriculture because of its wealth of caring family farms, lack of pollution, and its ability to grow lush grass without the help of artificial fertiliser. However West Wales is a sparsely populated region and has always sent produce to its neighbours in England. We are, in effect, modern Drovers!

We deal only with skilled and knowledgeable butchers, with whom we may develop a relationship of trust and commitment. It is through the experienced butcher that communication between farmer and consumer can take place leading to better understanding on both sides and the consistent excellence of the product. Organic agriculture is an environmentally friendly way of producing high quality, healthy food by treating animals with real concern for their welfare. Nature is an ally not an enemy. We are annually inspected and certified, both as farmers and distributors, by the Soil Association, the principal verification body for organic agriculture. All consignments of organic meat are accompanied by a 'manifest' detailing the farm of origin and its organic certification number. Products described as 'additive-free', 'naturally reared', or 'real meat' do not have to conform to these legally enforceable standards.